Restaurant Owners Are Overwhelmed

Over the past two weeks I have spoken with many restaurant owners, and I’ve come away with the feeling that many restaurants are reaching the breaking point. Not necessarily the financial braking point, but the mental breaking point. They are overwhelmed!

Are You Overwhelmed?

The problems are many. Staffing, food cost, online ordering issues, customer traffic, government issues, crime, menu changes, the list keeps growing. Some of these are out of their control, but many they can control. The problem as I see it is that problems never stop, and they don’t know where to begin to tackle the issues. They are overwhelmed!

Like many issues, it comes down to breaking the problems down into smaller chunks and handling them. Some issues have a greater impact on your business than others, so prioritization is a key. In the end, it boils down to three categories of problems, Marketing, Operations and Management. Many issues interact with other categories. An example of that would be your menu. One restaurant owner had not updated his menu in over eighteen months. The impact of that action has an impact on his menu management across many platforms, financial implications, and staff performance. Financially the impact is well over $150,000 just due to inflation on his business. To me, this would be a high priority and needs to be dealt with in the short term, but you can see how this impacts several other functions within his business.  This is just an example of how one issue can have far reaching effects that can cause an owner to do nothing or become paralyzed in his actions. It’s just too much all at once.

Inflation Impact On Restaurants

Unfortunately, many independent restaurant owners are DIY people and do not seek help. This DIY approach can be a very costly decision in the long run. It’s ok to get qualified help to guide you in these times of turmoil. Change will never stop and the future is not guaranteed. The economic times ahead call for you to get your ship in order now.

Core Restaurant Marketing has been helping independent restaurant owners for over 15 years.  Our unique ability to work across issues and help our clients plan and achieve their vision is our goal. If you would like to speak, please contact us, and set up a time to talk. Our overriding mission is to help restaurant owners succeed. We are here for you.