Are Your Restaurant Servers Ready for The Holidays?

During this time of year, your checklist is large of things that must get accomplished. Everything from ordering gift cards to creating seasonal menus is on the list. One of the most neglected tools in your toolbox is your servers during this season.

Your servers are the face of your restaurant. They interact with your customers on a daily basis. From making suggestions and recommendations to creating additional sales, your servers are part of the heartbeat of your business! They can also screw up your your business as well by creating mayhem for the back of the house. serverYour job as the restaurant leader is to guide the ship and all of the members of the crew. When was the last time you had a server training class or reviewed individual performance. Your POS system most likely has the tools to help you evaluate your servers with real numbers that can help chart a course to higher check averages if you use the tools.

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Understanding that servers create relationships that bring customers back for many visits the following year and set your restaurant up for success in 2019!

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